Use of Moodle at Haaga-Helia University

I made this observation during the last few weeks of school: Haaga-Helia uses Moodle a lot different that HWZ does.

I’m used to Moodle being used as a tool to share files or maybe on certain (very few) occasions take a test on it. In Finland they use Moodle more extensive. Moodle is being used not only for file-sharing, but also to have entire classes on it. There are group assignments and group discussions in Moodle, feedbacks from the teachers, and a lot more. I have classes where I don’t have a single paper, but everything is being done electronically and you only have to go to class every other week. At the same time though there are group assignments due every week.

I was surprised when I realized that HWZ and Haaga-Helia are actually using the same version of Moodle. But it seems like every school has different ways of using the given features in it.

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